Hello world!

Good evening World:

 Do you have a topic about ASCA that you would either like to ask questions about or that you would like to comment on?  Please start right in.



6 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Betty Jaco Says:

    Ann, write more !! I love reading your stories !!

  2. Chris Says:

    Ann, love the stories ! ! !

    For those of you reading these comments, I have a Sundew bitch and she is one of the most smartest and talented dogs I’ve had the pleasure of owning, and she’s given me 2 wonderful litters of puppies who are out there doing great things….

    Thanks Ann,

  3. Robbi Norman Says:

    Ann, I love it!!

    First ‘blog’ I’ve ever read or been to and it’s very neat. Of course I especially loved re-living Feather’s story! That’s quite a road…from Feather to Fossil…flamingos and beyond LOL!!

    Love Ya!


  4. Irving Boudoin Says:

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