We got Winchant August from Carol Culham.  She was two years old at the time that we saw Carol at a show.  She was looking for a home for August.  She had brought her to a show intending to show her under Rachel Paige Elliott.  Carol was overwhelmed by a change in her life, and things didn’t go the way she wanted them to in preparation for the show.  August was being boarded, and she was totally freaked out by being at the show.  She was hiding in Carol’s car.  Carol was asking people if they would like to help her out by taking August.  We got her out of the car and Gene, my husband, fell in love with her right away.  We showed her to Paigey after the show, and she really liked her.  She said the thought she would make a nice bitch for us to use for breeding if we chose to breed.  She was a decent bitch who moved nicely and should be bred to a dog with a good topline.  We took her home for a two-week trial.  We kept her as she wormed her way into our hearts.  We owed Carol a puppy and she got to approve the dog to whom she would eventually be bred.  Feather and August fortunately got along wonderfully. 

We decided that we did want to breed August, and our friend, Nancy Moening, had a dog who was by the Sire of Feather, CH Peace Pipe Birch Bark.  His name was CH Peace Pipe Silver Birch CD, and his dam was Easy Lovin’ of Sunnybrook.  His call name was Smoke.  Carol had already planned with Vicki Rand to breed August to either Birch or Smole.  Smoke was a really nice dog and he was doing very well in the showring and in obedience.  So, August was bred to Smoke.  Carol and I were co-breeeders of that litter and as payment for August, Carol got to pick a puppy.  The one she picked she named Windchant Mahogany  with a call name of Maggie.  Another pup from that little, Capt’n Jon’s Sundew Sea Raider, Gabe, went home with Nancy, Smoke’s owner.  There was also my dog, Dan, the one who chose me.  Dan was Sundew Eagle Dancer STDds.  Look for stories later in Aussie Thoughts on Maggie and Gabe and Dan. 

August was wonderful as foundation bitch.  She also produce Amber of Sundew who I later bred to my dog Jake, and the produced CH Sundew Ravensong CD TD ATDd STDs.  So, August turned out to be the beginning of our kennel at the start of our slow stroll down the path to Hall of Fame! 

Feather and August

August is the black tri on the left. 


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    August | Sundew Australian Shepherds

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