Sundew – Number 19

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My last post was about Fossil finishing her Supreme Versatility Championship.  I think that post conveyed very well how important that was to me.  I had produced an Aussie that is capable of acheiving ASCA’s highest Title for an individual dog.  Her Altered Champion Title also became the Number 18 Title that was needed for my kennel to become an ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel. 

I only bring this up as this May (3-4), my friend Robbi suggested that we take Koki and Joker to the ASCA Show in Indiana.  Koki and Joker are littermates.  Both of them had quite a few points earned for their Conformation Championship, and the Hoosier Working Australian Shepherd Club had just announced that they were going to have an Altered Major in dogs. 

In the dog show world, you need 15 points to become a Champion.  You earn Points by first winning the Class your dog is entered in and then beating all of the other Class Winners in the Winners Dog or Winners Bitch Class (yes we use the term bitch for a female dog as it is the correct name for a female of the canine species).  That Class is held at every show, and the size of the entry determines the number of points you earn per show. 

ASCA has a point schedule and in the Altered Program, you get 1 point if you defeat 2 Dogs, 2 points if you defeat 4 Dogs, 3 points if you defeat 8 Dogs, 4 points for defeating 12 Dogs, and 5 points if you defeat 15 dogs.  To acheive a Championship for an Altered Dog, you have to have three wins that are called Majors.  A Major win is a 3, 4, or 5 point win.  That means for a Major win for Dogs in Altered, you have to have an entry of at least 8 dogs, and you have to have that at three shows, and you have to win the shows to get the Major. 

ASCA is the only show-hosting entity that offers a show for dogs who have been spayed or neutered.  We decided at the beginning of the program to call it Altered as the dogs are not longer able to reproduce.  ASCA, as I said it the only show program that offers a show for Altered Dogs, and it is not as well attended as what we now call the Intact Show.  The roots of all dog show programs was to show off dogs that were the quality that you would use for breeding.  It was to show off breeding stock against each other and have a judge pick out the best one.  So, an Altered Show does the same thing except it highlights the dogs who can’t be bred.  These dogs must still be “Show” quality. They must earn the same 15 points that an intact Dog must earn and the same three required Major wins, but the problem is that at this time, the Altered Shows are way smaller than the Intact Shows and many of them don’t have enough entries for a Major Win.  So, many Altered show dogs end up with a huge number of one- and two-point wins.  Some will only show if there is a Majors win available, so that makes it harder to have enough entries for a Major. 

Anyway, before all this explanation, I was telling you about Robbi and Joker and Koki and me taking off to Indiana in search of Altered Majors.  Joker had 1 3-point Major and enough one-and two-point wins, so with two Major wins, he could “finish” his Altered Championship.  Koki is still intact and she already had three major wins and needed two ponts to “finish.”  She had won at 2 Five-Point shows and 1 three-point show, so she had thirteen points, all three Majors.  Joker is Robbi’s daughter Corey’s dog, but since she recently had ACL Knee surgery, she couldn’t show.  Robbi and I have been “Aussie” friends for more than 30 years so we knew we were going to have a fun trip with our dogs no matter what happened.

So off we drove about 5 hours south.  The upshot of this story is that Joker won at one of the shows on Saturday and at one of the shows on Sunday and both had 4-Point Majors, so that gave him the two Major wins he needed for “finish” his Altered Championship.  Robbi was so excited, because she was able to get the last points Joker needed for Corey.  I was excited because he earned point number 19 for HOF Kennel for me.  As his breeder, this counted as a qualifying Title for my Sundew Kennel.

You may wonder how Koki did that weekend…she showed at four shows and the best we did was a second place in one of the shows.  As Koki’s breeder, owner, and exhibitor, I can show her in the Bred-by Exhibitor Class.  This class is usually full of the best show dogs in the show, if I may say that.  It is the Class where the breeders show the dogs they kept from their litters.  It is usually the class with the deepest quality and is one where you can have a dog like Koki who is close to being “finished” but can still be out of the  four placing ribbons.  That is exactly what happened to us at the other three shows.  So, no points for Koki.  We went home happy and on the way we talked about all the things I need to do with Koki before the next show so that she might “finish” like Joker.  Robbi said I didn’t present her, and in show her off enough.  I also knew that she often shows with her ears folded back, and she is not real happy, happy in the ring.  I thought about the times that she won…each of those times, she was “on!”  She was pulling the lead and trotting ahead of me and had her head up looking “on fire.” 

I went home and used bait to train Koki to show with her ears forward instead of back.  I made silly noises and only gave her a treat when she looked annimated and sparky!  Each day she did it more for longer.  I also groomed her often and trimmed her toenails every few days.  I fed her a supplement that is high it Omega three oils.  I trimmed her coat a few weeks before the Memorial Day weekend preparing for my Club’s next show.  I’ll tell what happened in the next post.

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  1. Linda Reau Says:

    So enjoyed reading about your Aussies. Please write more. How about a book?
    Linda Reau

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