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ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel #87

June 19, 2008

It’s official we are HOF Kennels #87!   The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) has a program to recognize breeders who have met certain qualification with with the dogs that they have produced. The ASCA program qualifications are:

ASCA recognizes the kennels/breeders who have produced titled Australian Shepherds that have met the HOF requirements as set forth below.
A. Qualifying titles counting toward a Kennel/Breeders Hall of Fame are as follows:

1. Agility: RS-O (Regular Standard Open) or RV-O (Regular Veterans Open) or RJ-O (Regular Junior Open) (only one of these per Australian Shepherd to count)

2. Obedience : CDX (Companion Dog Excellent)

3. Tracking : TD (Tracking Dog)

4. Stockdog : ATDd (Advanced Trial Dog ducks) and/or OTDs (Open Trial Dog sheep) and/or OTDc (open trial dog cattle).

5. Conformation : CH (Conformation Champion), A-CH (Altered Conformation Champion)

B. A Kennel/Breeder must have accrued twenty (20) qualifying titles on their progeny as follows:

1. Ten (10) stockdog and conformation titles, with a minimum of three (3) in each, and
2. The remaining Ten (10) in any category named in A.1-5 above.

Here are the dogs that are from our breeding program who have the above qualifying titles.

Hall of Fame stats for Sundew

1 – CH Windchant Mahogany CD STDds- Carol Culham       

1 – CH Capt’n Jon’s Sundew Sea Raider CD – Nancy Moening         

3 – CH Sundew Ravensong CD/TD ATDd STDs – Ann B. DeChant/Gene Stephenson   

1- CH Sundew Night Chant – Ann B. DeChant   

1 – CH Diamond Aire Sundewette CD STDds – Marie Murphy   

1 – CH Sundew Stormy Blues of Wild Pine – Sarah Lane

3 – Sundew Sunbonnet ATDd OTDs OTDc –  Ann DeChant/Gene Stephenson                      

5 – SVCH A-CH WTCH Sundew’s Full Stall Landing ATDd ATDc ATDs RS-E, GS-E, JS-E – Chris Davies

1 – CH Sundew Roy Rogers – Ann B. DeChant 


1 – A-CH Sundew Quill Basket – Ann B. DeChant 


1 – A-CH Sundew Firewalker CD STDds –  Corey Norman  


1 – CH Sundew Kokopelli – Ann B. DeChant  

20 Total Points 

I am very proud of the fact that we have 11 Champions, including the 3 Altered Champions, and 7 Stock Titles.  The other two were Tracking and Agility.  In other words, there are a total of 18 titles that are all about what the breed is bred for and the other two help to show versatility.  We have earned many other titles on many other dogs that we bred. The red ones in the list above are the ones that qualify for a kennel Hall of Fame.  We are proud of our Sundew dogs! And we want to thank the owners above who earned qualifying titles on dogs we bred.

Carol Culham got the first title on CH Windchant Mahogany CD STDds (Maggie) and she was co-breeder of our first litter from August.  We paid for August by doing this co-breeding which entitled Carol to a puppy from the litter.

Nancy Moening owned the dog that we bred August to and she got CH Capt’n Jon’s Sundew Sea Raider CD (Gabe) from us because he was sired by her dog CH Peace Pipe Silver Birch CDX (Smoke). Nancy got the second title with Gabe.

Raven was our dog by our dog Peace Pipe Pasquinel OTDs STDS (Jake).  Her dam was a daughter of August and Smoke, Amber of Sundew (Amber).  I handled her to her Championship, her CD and her TD.  I handled her to a High in Trial Ducks and some of her Stock Titles and Gene finished those titles.

Sundew Sunbonnet ATDd, ATDs, OTD c (Bonnie) was Gene’s dog all the way, and he earned all of her qualifying Stock Titles.

Raven was bred to WTCH CH Diamond Aire St. Louis Blues CDX (Max), owned by Marie Murphy. She produced CH Diamond Aire Sundewette STD ds(Dewette) and CH Sundew Night Chant (Petie),  Marie took the girl from that litter and I got Petie.

There was a long time when we had not litters.  We purchased a lovely bitch and bred her once to Gabe and once to another dog and from those litters we got lovely dogs, many of whom got Epilepsy.

CH Sundew Stormy Blues of Wildpine (Jazz)was the only dog from that time period to be shown and to earn a Championship.  He was purchased by Sara Lane who showed and finished him.

I was wondering if I would ever breed again as the whole issue of producing epilepsy was very distressing. But, Marie came up with the perfect bitch for me in Diamond Aire Sundew Khanection (Hope).  We bred her to Petie.  I also got from Marie as daughter of Dewette.  She was bred to one of Jazz’s littermates and from that litter we kept A-CH Sundew Quill Basket (Quill).

Petie and Hope’s second litter was the one that produced CH Sundew Roy Rogers, (Roy), my beloved dog.  Roy’s sister was SVCH VCG WTCH CH Sundew’s Full Stall Landing RS-E, JS-E, GS-E (Fossil) who was purchased by Chris Davies in Pennsylvania. Fossil went on the earn her Altered Championship, three qualifying Stock Titles, and 1 Agility Title, so she contributed 5 of our HOF points.  She has her own page now as she is also a Supreme Versatility Champion which is the highest title for an individual dog in ASCA!

I showed Quill to her Altered Championship, Robbi showed Joker for his Altered Championship for her daughter Corey who is his owner and I showed Koki to her Championship.  I just thought it would be interesting to explain the HOF program, show you our Titled dogs, and then tell a brief explanation of how all of these owners helped. I intend over the next few weeks to tell all of the stories and provide photos of all the dogs.